Saturday, November 17, 2007

Top Ten Covers of the Century (Berkeley Place)

If you are like me, you appreciate a well done cover, whether it is a faithful re-make paying homage, or a new take and arrangement giving a song a new life. Anyway, head on over to Berkeley Place and submit your top ten covers of the century (or at leave the first eight years).

Here was my list (most of which I have previously posted) in no particular order other than the first. I'll re-link them all for good measure.

Johnny Cash – Hurt
Iron & Wine – Waiting on Superman
John Mayer – Kid A
The Twilight Singers – Medley of Lovestoned/TheKiller/Wolf Like Me (Live)
Nick Cave – I’m Your Man
Gillian Welch – Black Star
Ani Difranco – Hurricane
Foo Fighters – Darling Nikki
Tuung – Pioneers


Ekko said...

Thanks for the shout out, and the Twilight Singers cover.