Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Patrick Wolf - An Artist You Need To Know

While we wait until next spring for the latest offering from multi-faceted musician, I thought I would share some of my favorite tunes as well as some of my thoughts. I have only become aware of Patrick Wolf (MySpace) in the last few weeks due to a piece in Interview magazine. I was previously completely unaware and even more importantly, missing out. To call him talented would be a gross understatement given the number of instruments he plays and the range his work covers. His music is almost impossible to describe concisely due to his varying styles which range from Chamber Music, to Brit-Pop, to Indie-Folk, to Electronica, and even Industrial. Listen to his 2004 debut Lycanthropy, and try to tell me that there are not elements of bands like Front 242 or Skinny Puppy in songs like "Paris." Imagine the androgeny of early Bowie casting the dark and ominous shadow of Nick Cave. Need proof, listen to "The Childcatcher" off Lycanthropy. He manages a song that is far more uncomfortable than any I've listened to. Unfortunately, it is damn good from a songwriting standpoint. His latest, 2007's The Magic Position is much more pop oriented. While the songs continue to change the talent is omnipotently evident.

The Childcatcher (Lycanthropy)
Paris (Lycanthropy)
A Boy Like Me (Lycanthropy)
Accident & Emergency (The Magic Position)
Augustine (The Magic Position)
Get Lost (The Magic Position)