Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sailing The Silver Seas

The Silver Seas (MySpace) new album, "High Society," is like a 70's "best of" compilation, and I mean that in the best of ways. Impeccably produced, the album is a radio dial's worth of lush pop melodies combined with bittersweet lyrics. Daniel Tashian, the quartet's main songwriter and vocalist has absorbed elements of the singer-songwriters of the day, like Jackson Browne, as well as the smooth pop melodies of artists like ELO & even Seals & Crofts. He has said however, that his inspiration came instead from the desire to have one of his songs used as the theme song to a sitcom. I, for one, would prefer any of the track on "High Society" to the innocuous "Friends" theme from the Rembrants'.

Some will see the afore mentioned artists and dismiss this record without ever giving it a chance, and that would be a damn shame. You wouldn't be passing on Seals & Crofts or ELO or even Jackson Browne, but rather a modern-day take on the music of that era at crossroads with the modern indie pop sensibilities that are gushed over day after day on other bands by countless other blogs. Give the songs a chance and, if you appreciate well written songs with incredible melodies you will not be disappointed. So listen to the tracks below and order the record directly from Cheap Lullaby or drop by your local indie store if you like it.

One final note of congratulations; "High Society" is a finalist for the Independent Music Awards’ Best Pop/Rock album of 2008. Do the link to vote for them.

The Country Life
High Society
Imaginary Girl


paul said...

This stuff is great! I really love "The Country Life." Never heard these guys before. Thanks.

Yellow Dog said...

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. Wild sounds coming from a band in 2007. There's quite a few up & coming bands coming out of Nashville right now. Better than almost all the country music in town. Quite a few good folkies in East Nashville like Todd Snider, Will Kimbrough, & Gillian Welch's studio is right down the street from my office. I've been meaning to stop in during my lunch hour sometime.

SammySmather said...

Musically these guys are ok, but looks-wise OUCH. Look at the one to the far right!!!! ew. best of luck dude.

Anonymous said...

Musically these guys are good. Jason Lehning - great. Daniel Tashian - strong songwriting, etc. But this band got beat with the fugly stick. Esp the guy (John Deaderick maybe?) to the far right. ewww.