Saturday, November 17, 2007

Introducing Kate Nash

Don't let the sugar sweet vocals of Kate Nash (MySpace) fool you. This UK songstress has got something to say, and one listen to her debut album, Made of Bricks, will give you a pretty good idea of what she is about. Like everyone, she's been through bad relationships, and like most songwriters, she uses these experiences as inspiration. Unlike most female songwriters though, she isn't afraid to express herself in blunt terms. She has been compared to Lilly Allen on more than one occasion and it is a reasonable comparison due not only to their age and innocent appearances, but also due to their styles in which they deliver their songs in an almost storytelling fashion.

Made of Bricks has received mixed reviews, but still managed to climb to #1 in the UK. The record will hopefully be available stateside sometime after the first of the year. Her first single, "Foundation," (song & video below) tells the story of a burned out relationship where neither of the participants can summon the courage to call it quits. The video for what would would normally be a somber occasion is as entertaining and quirky as the songs take on the situation. Her latest single, "Mouthwash," is available also available now. She has released an E.P. for "Foundation" currently available on Kate Nash. For us Americans, Made of Bricks can be ordered as an import through several retailers (see links below) if you listen to the songs and watch the video and can't wait.

We Get On (Live on BBC Radio)

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Ekko said...

First of all, Kate Nash is f-ing awesome.

Second, I'm wondering if you (or your readers) would be interested in participating in a little survey I'm taking: I'm trying to get a list of the best covers of the 2000s. If you send me a list of your top 10, I'll compile the results and you might win a free CD/DVD! I hope you'll come check it out, and any exposure on your blog to get your readers to come join in would be great.

I did this a while back with the best indie records of all time--some of you may remember that--and got over 100 responses. I'm looking for similar results.


Yellow Dog said...

I just left my left. It was tough and I had to keep checking dates, but you've got my two cents.