Friday, October 31, 2008

This is just too damn awesome not to post

No comments necessary.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday/Anniversary to Scott Ford Radio

Congrats to Scott Ford on the one year anniversary of his little radio show. Tune in today at 1 pm PST for the live anniversary show. Hell, tune in anytime to the stream for good music.

Tune in via iTunes or Winamp

iTunes Instructions

1. Open iTunes
2. Click the Advanced tab at the top
3. Select Open Stream
4. Type in (or copy and paste)
5. Hit return, welcome to the station.

Winamp Instructions

1. Open Winamp
2. Click the File tab at the top
3. Select Open URL
4. Type in (or copy and paste)
5. Hit OK, welcome to the station.

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Todd Snider Out Now And It Is Free

Todd Snider celebrated his 42nd birthday last Friday by making his new album/EP, Peace Queer (due out October 14), available free as a digital download. Todd puts together a witty, but passionate, commentary of eight folk songs as few singer-songwriters of this day are capable. Guest artist like Patty Griffin (on a plaintive cover of CCR's "Fortunate Son"), Kevin Kinney, and Will Kimbrough all lend a hand. The following is Todd's description of the story told through the songs from a Cokie Roberts piece for NPR.

"It begins like the Iraq War began: by declaring victory and then plowing forward into the long night," Snider said. "We started our drive with an end-zone dance. Peace Queer is a six-song cycle, starting with a song called "Mission Accomplished." In six sentences, the record goes like this: Here's the kid being told everything's going to be great. Here's the reality of that. Here's that kid when he comes home a sad and banged-up and angry 'winner'." Here's the breakdown of why I think that's happening. Here's the guy in our culture that I think is causing that to happen, and it's not a president. And then here's what I think is going to happen to that guy. And then we roll credits."
Stuck On The Corner (Prelude To A Heart Attack) (mp3)

Peace Queer is available as a free download through October 31 at Todd Snider's Store.