Friday, November 30, 2007

Please Excuse My Absense

I am having to rebuild (my first attempt) my machine from the ground up that houses my entire library. I've been working late into the night after I get home from work to try it up and running again and I'm almost there. I should have everything access this afternoon or tonight and my posting will start anew.

In the meantime, here is something from The Black Keys (MySpace) latest album, Magic Potion. The Ohio duo still have their four song live EP available for download via MySpace so grab it now if you haven't already.

Strange Desires (mp3)

Photo courtesy of Daniel Norton

And the video for "Just Got To Be".

Monday, November 26, 2007

Scott Miller's Annual New Year's Eve Show

Tickets are on sale now for Scott Miller's annual New Year's Eve Celebration featuring Mic Harrision and the High Score. This year's festivities will take place, as always in picturesque Knoxville, TN. The Valarium will host the party to ring in 2008. This familiar with Knoxville will know The Valarium by it's former name, The Electric Ballroom. Every year is a surprise and a blast. I'll be there unless my beloved Vols pull the upset of LSU this weekend in Atlanta, in which case I'll be ringing in the new year in New Orleans. All songs below are from Scott's solo acoustic record, "Are You With Me?".

Bastard's Only Child
Goodnight Loser (V-Roys)
Lie I Believe (V-Roys)
Daddy Raised A Boy

Thursday, November 22, 2007

J. Tillman

J. Tillman (MySpace) has been compared to the likes of Nick Drake, Ray Lamontagne and Ryan Adams for his stripped down bare-your-soul songs. Strong comparisons indeed, but one listen to his 2006 debut on Yer Bird Records and you will understand. Any album named Cancer and Delirium carries with it a certain weight. And as you would surmise from the title, the songs are stark, bleak and absolutely beautiful both musically and lyrically. If you are looking for a sunny, top-down, wind-in-your-hair record, look elsewhere, but if you would like a late-night record to listen to in the company of your own thoughts, do not pass this one up. Tillman will be releasing a new album, Minor Works, in January on Undertow Records. Below are three songs from Cancer and Delirium and a track, "Seven States Across," from his earlier self-produced record, Long May You Run.

Seven States Across
Evans and Falls
Ribbons of Glass
When I Light Your Darkened Door

You can stream as well as the purchase Cancer and Delirium at Yer Bird Records.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Okkervil River's Daytrotter Session

In case you missed it, Okkervil River (MySpace) dropped by Daytrotter a little more than a week ago for a chat and some music. Topics ranged from their latest album, The Stage Names to the Muppets. Their performance included covers from Carol King, Jimmy Webb, & John Phillips, as well as a loose and playful version of a track from the new record.

April Anne (John Philips)
No Easy Way Out (Carole King)
Do What You Gotta Do (Jimmy Web)
You Can't Hold The Hand Of A Rock And Roll Man (The Stage Names)

Finally, if you haven't picked up the new record yet, you are missing out on one of the best records of the year!
Okkervil River - The Stage Names
| Insound | eMusic| Amazon

Enviro-Tips from The Green Team!

Ben Folds Playing An Intimate Nashville Show

Nashville resident, Ben Folds (MySpace), will be playing a hometown show at the Exit/In on December 19. With a capacity of only about 500, this promises to be as entertaining as it is intimate. Tickets go on sale Saturday November 24 at 10 am, but you can buy tickets now through Friday via a pre-sale at Ticketmaster. The password is BRICK. See you there.

The Luckiest (mp3)
In Between Days (mp3)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Joe Lally (Fugazi) Releases New Album

Joe Lally, best know for his work with the seminal punk and model indie band Fugazi has released his second solo album, Nothing is Underrated. The album, which hit store shelves not located in big box stores, was produced by former band mates Ian McKaye and Guy Piccotto, both of which contribute guitar work to the album as well. The is, and has not been, a band that could match Fugazi for their live intensity and true dedication to their music and fans. Until they end their self-imposed hiatus, we can just enjoy each band members work, whether solo or under another band name, such as Ian McKaye and Amy Farina's Evens. Below are two tracks from Joe. The first is from the new album, while the second is taken from Joe's 2006 record, There To Here. Neither are Fugazi clones and as a fan that would be the last thing I would want. I'm glad to see each member branching out on their own and putting together damn fine records.

Skin and Bones (Nothing Is Underrated)
Lidia's Song (There To Here)

Both albums as well as Fugazi's catalog and each member's side projects can be purchased through Dischord.


Monday, November 19, 2007

A Completely Random Selection of Songs

for a completely random Monday a few hundred miles West of the Great Smokey Mountains.

The Twilight Singers - The Lure Would Prove Too Much
R.E.M. - Perfect Circle (Tourfilm)
Fugazi - Last Chance for a Slow Dance
Dave Alvin - King of California
Billy Bragg & Wilco - Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key
Steve Earle - Jerusalem (Live)
Jeff Buckley - Eternal Life
Ryan Adams - Sylvia Plath
Mission of Burma - Academy Fight Song
Neko Case - Star Witness
The V-Roys - Motion Pictures (Live)
Elvis Costello - (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea (Live at the El Mocambo)
Charles Mingus - The Shoes of the Fisherman's Wife Are Some Jive Ass Slippers
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Right Now I'm A-Roaming

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Soulsavers Spiritual Soundscape

I don't typically run out and buy a record these days after hearing only one track (Been burned too many times). One listen to "Revival" off the new Soulsavers' (MySpace) record, It’s Not How Far You Fall, It’s The Way You Land, and I couldn't wait to hear the rest. The album was release in April of this year and I've been kicking myself for not finding it sooner. A dark brooding mixture of Gospel, Rock, & Electronica with haunting vocals provided by the amazing Mark Lanegan (MySpace). The band and Lanegan provide a perfect synthesis for an affecting and melancholy collection that resonates and reverberates with despair. Covers of the Rolling Stones' "No Expectations" and Neil Young's "Through My Sails" have been reworked to fit the album's ambiance wonderfully. Fans of Lanegan's recent work with The Twilight Singers (MySpace) should run to their nearest indie record store to pick this up. My recommendation is to set the player on repeat, settle in for a night with a bottle or wine, scotch, or whiskey (whatever your drink of choice maybe, as long as there is not an umbrella sticking out) and immerse yourself in the music. The existence of heaven is debatable, but the desolate bliss of this record is not. Listen for yourself and watch the amazing video for "Revival."

No Expectations

Soulsavers - It's Not How Far You Fall, It's the Way You Land
| Buy it at Insound! | Amazon

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Top Ten Covers of the Century (Berkeley Place)

If you are like me, you appreciate a well done cover, whether it is a faithful re-make paying homage, or a new take and arrangement giving a song a new life. Anyway, head on over to Berkeley Place and submit your top ten covers of the century (or at leave the first eight years).

Here was my list (most of which I have previously posted) in no particular order other than the first. I'll re-link them all for good measure.

Johnny Cash – Hurt
Iron & Wine – Waiting on Superman
John Mayer – Kid A
The Twilight Singers – Medley of Lovestoned/TheKiller/Wolf Like Me (Live)
Nick Cave – I’m Your Man
Gillian Welch – Black Star
Ani Difranco – Hurricane
Foo Fighters – Darling Nikki
Tuung – Pioneers

Introducing Kate Nash

Don't let the sugar sweet vocals of Kate Nash (MySpace) fool you. This UK songstress has got something to say, and one listen to her debut album, Made of Bricks, will give you a pretty good idea of what she is about. Like everyone, she's been through bad relationships, and like most songwriters, she uses these experiences as inspiration. Unlike most female songwriters though, she isn't afraid to express herself in blunt terms. She has been compared to Lilly Allen on more than one occasion and it is a reasonable comparison due not only to their age and innocent appearances, but also due to their styles in which they deliver their songs in an almost storytelling fashion.

Made of Bricks has received mixed reviews, but still managed to climb to #1 in the UK. The record will hopefully be available stateside sometime after the first of the year. Her first single, "Foundation," (song & video below) tells the story of a burned out relationship where neither of the participants can summon the courage to call it quits. The video for what would would normally be a somber occasion is as entertaining and quirky as the songs take on the situation. Her latest single, "Mouthwash," is available also available now. She has released an E.P. for "Foundation" currently available on Kate Nash. For us Americans, Made of Bricks can be ordered as an import through several retailers (see links below) if you listen to the songs and watch the video and can't wait.

We Get On (Live on BBC Radio)

Amazon |

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Sweet Smell of Burning Tires

With a name like Backyard Tire Fire (MySpace), anything but a super-charged energetic Southern Rock band would be a surprise. Luckily it is a good one. Don’t get me wrong, there’s not a dive anywhere in the South this Midwestern trio couldn’t play and own, but there’s also not an indie alt-country crowd around that they couldn’t equally impress. This band writes complete songs. That is, a solid and driving backbone rhythm supplied by drummer Tim Kramp and abetted by bassist Matt Anderson, rounded out by the guitar and vocals of chief songwriter Ed Anderson. Best of all, this group is not a one-trick pony, all style and no substance. The lyrics are every bit as strong and powerful as the music itself. Whether it is the folk influenced “Vagabonds and Hooligans,” the title track from the groups latest offering, released earlier this year, or the shuffling double-time rock of “Tom Petty,” the songs are tightly woven and road-tested. The six live tracks, recorded in February at The Double Door in Chicago, the band has so graciously offered up for free download are a testament to the music and most of all, to the band, as the three work in perfect unison to create the rockin’ country chaos few can match. The band is also currently working on a new album.

Buy the new album directly from the band here or on Backyard Tire Fire - Vagabonds and Hooligans.

Catch them on their fall swing through the Midwest

November 15 / Rudyard Kipling's / Louisville, KY (w/ Phonograph)
November 16 / Ruby’s / Columbus, OH (w/ Phonograph)
November 17 / Grog Shop / Cleveland, OH (w/ Phonograph)
November 21 / Lucas School House / St. Louis, MO (w/ Joe Stickley's Blueprint)
November 24 / Chicago St. Pub / Joliet, IL
November 30 / Crusens / Peoria, IL
December 1 / Redstone Room / Davenport, IA (w/ The Winter Blanket)
December 21 /Daddio's / Bloomington, IL - 2nd Annual Holiday Jamboree!

Feel free to listen and/or download each song individually or you can download them all at once via this zip file.

Vagabonds and Hooligans
A Long Time
Tom Petty
The Wrong Hand

Sailing The Silver Seas

The Silver Seas (MySpace) new album, "High Society," is like a 70's "best of" compilation, and I mean that in the best of ways. Impeccably produced, the album is a radio dial's worth of lush pop melodies combined with bittersweet lyrics. Daniel Tashian, the quartet's main songwriter and vocalist has absorbed elements of the singer-songwriters of the day, like Jackson Browne, as well as the smooth pop melodies of artists like ELO & even Seals & Crofts. He has said however, that his inspiration came instead from the desire to have one of his songs used as the theme song to a sitcom. I, for one, would prefer any of the track on "High Society" to the innocuous "Friends" theme from the Rembrants'.

Some will see the afore mentioned artists and dismiss this record without ever giving it a chance, and that would be a damn shame. You wouldn't be passing on Seals & Crofts or ELO or even Jackson Browne, but rather a modern-day take on the music of that era at crossroads with the modern indie pop sensibilities that are gushed over day after day on other bands by countless other blogs. Give the songs a chance and, if you appreciate well written songs with incredible melodies you will not be disappointed. So listen to the tracks below and order the record directly from Cheap Lullaby or drop by your local indie store if you like it.

One final note of congratulations; "High Society" is a finalist for the Independent Music Awards’ Best Pop/Rock album of 2008. Do the link to vote for them.

The Country Life
High Society
Imaginary Girl

Introducing Mark Minelli, A New Style of Folk Singer-Songwriter

Mark Minelli (MySpace) (Sonicbids EPK) is a Chicago based solo artist hailing originally from a small town near the the city that gave us Les Nessman & Herb Tarleck . Like other acoustic and folk artists, he was enticed and inspired by the non-stop life of the big city. Mark is a new breed of folk singer, infusing his acoustic stylings at times with Spanish & Classical rhythms while maintaining the realism associated with the music. That doesn't define him however as an artists, he is just a comfortable and talented in the traditional acoustic vein. Among the usual suspects, Mark also lists Seu Jorge & Kings of Convenience as influences. Mark is currently unsigned, but artists are proving every day that record labels are becoming less and less vital. Check out four cuts from his latest album, Grenade, Grenade!(Everybody Get Down) and get out there and see him if he happens to make it your way. Also, order a copy of his first record, How Can I Help You? now and the new record very soon here.

some sort of fool
murder in the streets

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cat Power's "Jukebox"

More details have emerged in the last week regarding the forthcoming Cat Power record, "Jukebox." The official release date has been set for January 22. Yes that is more than two months away, but it will make a nice early birthday present for me. Matador has also published the track list (see below). While the record remains mostly a second release of covers, there are two Chan originals: "Metal Heart," which originally appeared on the Moon Pix album, and the new ode to Zimmy himself, "Song To Bobby."

The Janis Joplin song is especially intriguing given that Janis and Chan have completely different vocal styles. Janis had that unmistakably raspy & raw powerful voice, while Chan's style is much more subtle an subdued, so much so that at times she can seem detached from the music itself. Her version of "Blue" could be spectacular. The rest of the artists covered on the album are quite diverse and at first glance appear to be quite a daring undertaking. I for one, can't wait to hear the results. In addition, a limited-edition silver foil packaged will be released with an extra disc featuring five additional songs, two of which I think deserve to be on the standard release. Nick Cave's "Breathless" will have more appeal to those who aren't, or just aren't yet, fans of one of the greatest living songwriters than most or his darker fare, and Patsy Cline's "She's Got You" is a terrific song that has been covered by numerous artists including Jimmy Buffett.

1. New York (Frank Sinatra)
2. Ramblin’ (Wo)man (Hank Williams)
3. Metal Heart (Cat Power) Removed per request.
4. Silver Stallion (The Highwaymen)
5. Aretha, Sing One For Me (George Jackson)
6. Lost Someone (James Brown)
7. Lord, Help The Poor And Needy (Jessie Mae Hemphill)
8. I Believe In You (Bob Dylan)
9. Song To Bobby (Cat Power) Removed per request.
10. Don’t Explain (Billie Holiday)
11. Woman Left Lonely (Janis Joplin)
12. Blue (Joni Mitchell)

Bonus Disc
1. I Feel (Hot Boys)
2. Naked, If I Want To (Moby Grape)
3. Breathless (Nick Cave) Removed per request, though I don't understand why Matador would request the removal of a song by an artist not on their label.
4. Angelitos Negros (Roberta Flack)
5. She’s Got You (Patsy Cline)

Got An Angry Snatch... Still

Or so we were reminded Monday night by Tori Amos, as she brought her American Doll Posse Tour to the Andrew Jackson Hall at TPAC in Nashville. Just as her new album, American Doll Posse, is written from the perspectives of five different characters, she is performing as the different personalities from the album. Isabel, a photographer inspired by the Greek Goddess Artemis is the most overtly political of the five dolls. She opened her set with the apropos "Yo George" from the new album. She followed with "Sweet Dreams," a song first featured on the Winter single during which she ad-libbed a line about the election not coming soon enough. Isabel also "covered" "In the Springtime of His Voodoo," arranged differently from the album version. She closed her set with "Scarlet's Walk" to thunderous applause. A club-style remix of "Professional Widow" played as Isabel left the stage and continued until a star-studded Tori (literally) appeared and took her place.

Tori opened her set with the controversial first single of the new album, "Big Wheel." I honestly had not previously favored the song, but live is a completely different story. The rest of her set consisted mainly of older songs including "Cornflake Girl" and the always moving "Putting the Damage On."

The highlight of the night came during the T & segment, which features Tori solo on her Bösendorfer, Tori's signature piano. She opened this portion of the show with a surprising, but beautiful, take on the traditional "Dixie" followed by the equally breathtaking "Cooling." She explained that Tennessee was special to her because her mother is from Chattanooga, and her ancestors hid in the Smokey mountains to avoid the horrors and sorrow of the Trail of Tears. Following such a moving moment, the rest of the night wasn't nearly as memorable, even with the always intense "Precious Things" and the soothing "A Sorta Fairytale" as the first encore. The night ended with her latest single, "Bouncing Off Cloud."

As with every Tori Amos show I have attended, this being the first in about 7 years, she absolutely never disappoints. The music is always spot on and she could never be accused of "going through the motions" on stage. Having seen her with and without a band, I would love to see another solo piano tour one day.

The full set is listed below, and as with every show on this tour since the middle of October, an official bootleg is available in both mp3 & flac (for you audiophiles out there). The Legs and Boots site is up and running quite smoothly. You can purchase any of the shows starting with the October 13th Syracuse show, and you can also pre-order any of the upcoming shows listed, as I did for the Nashville show. The recording quality is excellent and raw with no studio overdubs or tinkering. You get what you head. For the curious I am linking three songs from the Nashville show. If you like the songs, browse through the listings and purchase the show you attended or one that features your favorite set-list. The more successful ventures like these are, the better chance other bands will follow suit. As a youth, I always wanted a copy of ever show I attended, and gobbled up every bootleg regardless of quality. I never dreamed that one day I would be able to come home from a show and download a professional recording of the entire show within a few hours.

November 12, 2007
Nashville, TN
Andrew Jackson Hall TPAC

ACT I (Isabel)
ACT II (Tori)

T &




Tuesday, November 13, 2007

PJ Harvey Streaming New Racy New Video For "The Piano"

PJ Harvey (MySpace) has posted the video for her new single, "The Piano," on her site. For the sake of argument, let's say MTV still played videos. You still wouldn't see this one, except maybe late at night near the end of 120 Minutes (and I mean old school Kevin Seal hosting days). The video, directed by Maria Mochnacz, uses stop motion photography to create ever-changing collages using cut-outs of adult pictures, black bars included.

The Piano (mp3)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Natalie Portman Produces Compilation Album in Support of FINCA

People often criticize celebrities for not speaking out on issues without lending any other support, personal or financial. That cannot be said for actress, Natalie Portman, FINCA's Ambassador of Hope and co-chair of the Village Banking Campaign.

If you are here for the music, skip to the bottom, but if you would like to know how you can make a difference in the lives of the neediest of people around the globe, read on.

Many are probably unfamiliar with FINCA, but have heard about its mission. The Foundation for International Community Assistance was established in 1984, and has gained notoriety for their international efforts to provide financial services to the world's lowest-income entrepreneurs, or "Microfinancing." Part of this idea is a concept known as "Village Banking." These two concepts work together to provide impoverished entrepreneurs with small loans, insurance, and savings in small amounts they can afford. This allows them to create jobs as well as raise income and build assets in their communities. The idea of "Village Banking," is based on neighbors coming together to form am economic democracy. That is, as those who can unite to provide their community with small low interest loans. Working together, "Microfinancing" can lead to the ability for "Village Banking." Both concepts, however, are contingent on donations from industrialized countries and the philanthropy of citizens in these countries. Even a mere $50 donation can make an incredible difference in the life of a single person or family, which they then are able to pass on to their community, with the ultimate goal of making these poverty stricken communities self sufficient.

MySpace has joined in by donating the services of MySpace Impact Channel. allowing FINCA and other non-profit charities to raise money in conjunction with PayPal

Natalie Portman has devoted much of her time to traveling around the globe, seeing these concepts in action, while also delivering speeches at university's and groups to promote the FINCA mission. Apple invited Ms. Portman to produce a compilation with all proceeds to benefit FINCA's Village Banking Campaign. The 16-song DRM-free album, Big Change, Songs for FINCA, is available only on iTunes for $7.99 and includes songs from Beirut, Devendra Banhart, M. Ward, Rogue Wave, The Shins, as well as Tokyo Police Club.

Beirut - My Night with the Prostitute from Marseille (mp3)
Brett Dennen - Ain't No Reason (mp3)
Devendra Banhart - There's Always Something Happening (mp3)
Tokyo Police Club - Be Good (mp3)

Feel free to download and sample the songs above, but please support the cause and purchase the album.

Brett Dennen - Big Change: Songs for FINCA

Arcade Fire on Austin City Limits This Weekend

In it's 33rd year, Austin City Limits is showing no signs of losing steam or losing touch with the pulse of the music fans everywhere. Arcade Fire will make their debut on the show that never dies (thankfully). Playing songs from 2004's, Funeral, hailed by many as the greatest debut album ever, and their equally impressive 2007 release, Neon Bible, the band, well known for their live show, will be able to again showcase their powerful melodies and intense stage presence. During their February 2007 performance on Saturday Night Live, the band followed the live taping with an impromptu three song set for the cast, crew and audience.

The 2007-2008 ACL schedule can be found here. Also on this page, you can find your local PBS station to tune in for this and future shows. This season's prior performances include The Decemberists and Explosions in the Sky, and a return engagement with Wilco, which aired this past week. Still to come are Paolo Nutini, Lucinda Williams, Old Crow Medicine Show, Bloc Party, Ghostland Observatory, Kings of Leon, Rocky Erickson, and a show recorded on location in San Fransisco during the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. But this week is all about Arcade Fire as they continue what has been an incredibly successful year as they have continued to receive critical acclaim, while adding to their legion on fans.

The set is as follows:

  • Black Mirror
  • Keep the Car Running
  • Laika
  • Haiti
  • Intervention
  • Antichrist Television Blues
  • Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
  • Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
  • Rebellion (Lies)
  • Wake Up
    NPR was on location in February of this year to record the final night of the bands 5 night stint at New York's Judson Memorial Church for their "All Things Considered" show. Details of the show as well as a brief history of the band are included on the shows page which also includes stream of the concert along with interviews. You can download the full concert here (mp3).

    I took the liberty to download and cut the show into individual songs (as always, if you find my bandwidth has been exceeded, try back the next day).
    Wake Up (marching through the crowd to the stage)
    Black Mirror
    Keep the Car Running
    No Cars Go
    Poupee de Cire, Poupee de Son
    Black Wave/Bad Vibrations
    The Well and the Lighthouse
    Ocean of Noise
    Rebellion (Lies)
    My Body is a Cage
    Neon Bible
    Neighborhood 2 (Laika)

    Insound | Arcade Fire | Amazon

    Wednesday, November 7, 2007

    Patrick Wolf - An Artist You Need To Know

    While we wait until next spring for the latest offering from multi-faceted musician, I thought I would share some of my favorite tunes as well as some of my thoughts. I have only become aware of Patrick Wolf (MySpace) in the last few weeks due to a piece in Interview magazine. I was previously completely unaware and even more importantly, missing out. To call him talented would be a gross understatement given the number of instruments he plays and the range his work covers. His music is almost impossible to describe concisely due to his varying styles which range from Chamber Music, to Brit-Pop, to Indie-Folk, to Electronica, and even Industrial. Listen to his 2004 debut Lycanthropy, and try to tell me that there are not elements of bands like Front 242 or Skinny Puppy in songs like "Paris." Imagine the androgeny of early Bowie casting the dark and ominous shadow of Nick Cave. Need proof, listen to "The Childcatcher" off Lycanthropy. He manages a song that is far more uncomfortable than any I've listened to. Unfortunately, it is damn good from a songwriting standpoint. His latest, 2007's The Magic Position is much more pop oriented. While the songs continue to change the talent is omnipotently evident.

    The Childcatcher (Lycanthropy)
    Paris (Lycanthropy)
    A Boy Like Me (Lycanthropy)
    Accident & Emergency (The Magic Position)
    Augustine (The Magic Position)
    Get Lost (The Magic Position)

    Sunday, November 4, 2007

    Late Night Saturday Mix

    Just a mix of new and old

    "The Death of Hank Williams"
    by Lamar Sorrento

    Arcade Fire - My Body Is A Cage
    Babyshambles - Deft Left Hand
    Beirut - Postcards From Italy
    Calexico - Ocean of Noise (Arcade Fire Inervention Single)
    Dramarama - Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)
    Karen O & The Million Dollar Bashers - Highway 61 Revisited (I'm Not There Soundtrack)
    Les Savy Fav - The Year Before The Year 2000 (What Would Wolves Do? Single)
    Minipop - A New Hope
    Phosphorescent - A Death, A Proclamation (Daytrotter Sessions)
    The Replacements - Bastards of Young (Live - Shit, Shower, & Shave)
    TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me (Live at Amoeba Music)
    West Indian Girl - To Die In LA

    Friday, November 2, 2007

    New Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Announced

    The following message appeared on Nick Cave's MySpace blog as well as the Bad Seeds website.


    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds release their 14th studio album DIG, LAZARUS, DIG!!! on 3rd March 2008.

    Produced by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Nick Launay who worked with the band on their last album Abattoir Blues/ Lyre of Orpheus, the new album was recorded over the summer at State of the Ark Studios in Richmond and mixed by Nick Launay at British Grove in Chiswick.

    DIG, LAZARUS, DIG!!! features artwork by British artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster.

    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds will announce single and tour news soon, and rest assured you will be the first to hear about it.

    March '08 is a long freakin' time to wait! In the nearer future, the soundtrack to the upcoming film, "The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford," which was composed by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis is due to hit the shelves on November 13th. The digital download, however, is available now via Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Music from the Motion Picture the Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford and Amazon. Until then, enjoy these tracks of the last Bad Seeds double record Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus.

    Abattoir Blues

    Babe You Turn Me On

    Carry Me

    O Children

    There She Goes My Beautiful World

    The Lyre of Orpheus

    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

    Be Here To Love Me

    I watched the Townes Van Zandt documentary, Be Here To Love Me tonight. This movie is a must see for Townes fans, fans of folk-country music, and anyone who appreciates the art and craft of songwriting. The movie chronicles the life of one of the greatest songwriters by splicing old interview and performance material with interviews with friends, peers, and family. Townes was diagnosed as manic depressive and his family had him admitted to an institution where he underwent shock therapy, something they later regretted. It was incredibly well produced. The interviews were candid and the footage of Townes gave a wide open view of a tortured soul and the destructive life he led, sacrificing everything for the music. For Townes, his songs took precedence over everything. The tag line for the movie reads, "What would you sacrifice to follow your dream?" Ultimately, Townes sacrificed his life as the movie depicts his final recording sessions. Early in the movie, Townes being interviewed declares, "I don't envision a very long life for myself. I think my life will run out (pause) before my work does, you know? I've designed it that way."

    Two of my favorite quote regarding Townes come from a bold statement made by Steve Earle, and Townes' own response (borrowed from Wikipedia).

    "Townes Van Zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world and I'll stand on Bob Dylan's coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that." — Steve Earle

    "I've met Bob Dylan and his bodyguards, and I don't think Steve could get anywhere near his coffee table." — Townes Van Zandt.

    I think the songs below are a good cross section of an amazingly proficient, but tragically too short career; starting with one of the first songs he wrote.

    Waitin' Around To Die


    Flyin' Shoes

    Be Here To Love Me

    For The Sake Of The Song

    I'll Be Here In The Morning

    My Proud Mountains

    Pancho And Lefty


    White Freight Liner Blues

    Snowin' On Raton


    Townes Van Zandt