Thursday, November 15, 2007

Introducing Mark Minelli, A New Style of Folk Singer-Songwriter

Mark Minelli (MySpace) (Sonicbids EPK) is a Chicago based solo artist hailing originally from a small town near the the city that gave us Les Nessman & Herb Tarleck . Like other acoustic and folk artists, he was enticed and inspired by the non-stop life of the big city. Mark is a new breed of folk singer, infusing his acoustic stylings at times with Spanish & Classical rhythms while maintaining the realism associated with the music. That doesn't define him however as an artists, he is just a comfortable and talented in the traditional acoustic vein. Among the usual suspects, Mark also lists Seu Jorge & Kings of Convenience as influences. Mark is currently unsigned, but artists are proving every day that record labels are becoming less and less vital. Check out four cuts from his latest album, Grenade, Grenade!(Everybody Get Down) and get out there and see him if he happens to make it your way. Also, order a copy of his first record, How Can I Help You? now and the new record very soon here.

some sort of fool
murder in the streets


Anonymous said...

Saw him open for Colin Hay. Good music from within. Groovy too.

Anonymous said...

Great music..people like