Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Joe Lally (Fugazi) Releases New Album

Joe Lally, best know for his work with the seminal punk and model indie band Fugazi has released his second solo album, Nothing is Underrated. The album, which hit store shelves not located in big box stores, was produced by former band mates Ian McKaye and Guy Piccotto, both of which contribute guitar work to the album as well. The is, and has not been, a band that could match Fugazi for their live intensity and true dedication to their music and fans. Until they end their self-imposed hiatus, we can just enjoy each band members work, whether solo or under another band name, such as Ian McKaye and Amy Farina's Evens. Below are two tracks from Joe. The first is from the new album, while the second is taken from Joe's 2006 record, There To Here. Neither are Fugazi clones and as a fan that would be the last thing I would want. I'm glad to see each member branching out on their own and putting together damn fine records.

Skin and Bones (Nothing Is Underrated)
Lidia's Song (There To Here)

Both albums as well as Fugazi's catalog and each member's side projects can be purchased through Dischord.