Monday, October 29, 2007

Intramural - Buy This Record Now!

Alright people, the Intramural record has been out now for nearly a week, and if you haven't checked it out, much less bought it, what are you waiting for?? Seriously, there is not a bad song on the record. I'm very picky about my electro-pop/rock and many of the featured artists may only be recognized by indie hipsters, but this isn't a bad thing. By giving this record a chance you could be turned on to a whole new group of artists. Though the styles differ, the record itself is seamless from one song to the next.

The record opens with an explosion of rock via the epic chorus of "My, My Tennessee" delivered by The Pink Spiders' Matt Friction. "From the Ground" with John Roderick, could pass for the Catherine Wheel at their best. "Grows Stronger" starts with a sparse female vocal thanks to Leta Lucy sounding somewhere between Portishead and Imogen Heap before smoothly transitioning into a ethereal piece of electro-pop beauty. TJ Penzone's vocals on "Rocket" will appeal to fans as diverse as the emo crowd to those of Justin Timberlake (give it a chance before you dismiss it). Minipop's Tricia Kanne and her fragile sounding voice provide a perfect paradox to the song "Spy." The opening of the lone song without vocals, "Inspired," hearkens to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, with a subtle dialog sample before filling the air with strings and piano set to an artful but tranquil beat. Finally, the title track, "This is a Landslide," opens with pops and hisses akin to an old record before giving way to a slow dark velvet covered piano driven groove enveloped by Greg Dulli's haunting voice; perfect for a late night glass of red wine.

My, My, Tennessee (featuring Matt Friction of The Pink Spiders) (mp3)

Spy (featuring Tricia Kanne of Minipop) (mp3)

This Is A Landslide (featuring Greg Dulli of The Twilight Singers) (mp3)

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