Thursday, October 25, 2007

House of Brothers

Elliot Smith fans don't despair. Though new music from the sadly deceased singer-songwriter keeps appearing at the same rate as that of Tupac, there are new artists out there carrying on his legacy while building their own. One such artist is Andrew Jackson. Despite, sharing the name of a Tennessee legend, this singer-songwriter hails from across the pond in Nottingham, UK and performs under the name House of Brothers. The softness and sensitivity of his voice, both physically and lyrically, also bring to mind that of Iron & Wine's Sam Bean as well as Nick Drake.

The debut EP, Deadman, is scheduled for a November 26 release in the UK. You can order it here.

They are currently offering the title track as a free download, and I'm throwing in an extra track for good measure.

Deadman (mp3)

Lose Yourself (mp3)