Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another Month, Another Ryan Adams Release

Granted it has been out a week or so now, but I have just gotten around to giving it a listen. After three full length albums and a double album in the last two years, Ry Ry is slowing down by releasing a seven song EP, Follow the Lights. Three of the tracks are new versions of previously released songs, and another is a cover. "Dear John," one of the finest songs on the Jacksonville City Nights record is presented here as a live studio take, and it retains all the vulnerability of the original. It is definitely one of the highlights of the record. The other live studio version comes from Ryan's Cold Roses double LP. It was by far one of the best songs on the bloated original record, and while this stripped down version does not lack emotion, it doesn't quite match the original for me. "Blue Hotel," one of the albums original recordings rings of Ryan's early Whiskeytown days with flares of Jacksonville City Nights. "My Love for You is Real," is a beautiful ballad in true Ryan Adams fashion and will certainly be featured on countless mixed tapes; err cds. The Cardinal's version of "This is It" is certainly an improvement on the original from Ryan's Rock N Roll departure album, but not surprising, it is still my least favorite track on the EP. The title track, "Follow the Lights," sounds as if it could have easily been included on the Gold record, which, for me, mean that it definitely qualifies as one of my favorites. Finally, I love a cover song that is a fresh take on the original, and "Down in a Hole" sounds as if it could have been written by or for Ryan. It will only take one listen to realize that his heart and soul was put into the recording of the song.

Follow The Lights (mp3)

Down In A Hole (mp3)

Ryan Adams - Follow the Lights

As an aside, if you haven't checked out Ryan's website lately you really should. It certainly isn't the easiest to navigate, but if you happen to find your way to the Links page, you will find links to the official websites of Dokken, Slayer, & Celtic Frost among others. Pretty damn funny. Look harder and you'll find a selection of live shows you can listen to track by track.