Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fever Marlene Fire Their First Shots

Fever Malene (MySpace) is the latest product out of Milwaukee, and I assure you they are far more satisfying that MGB. The duo have made Milwaukee their home after meeting in Madison, Wisconsin with stopovers in Hollywood and Chicago. Apparently, the land of Miller was conducive to their creative process, because they have put together a gem of a debut album in, Civil War. The album is available here to purchase, or you can purchase a digital copy on iTunes. Their minimalist approach to music rings of the White Stripes infused the melodies of Ben Folds to create wonderfully simplistic and sincere pop songs. Here are a few or my favorites, and you can stream the entire album through the band's website.

Red Fire (mp3)
All the Kites in the World (mp3)
Civil War (mp3)