Friday, February 29, 2008

Queen Legislation

In election years, I often find myself thinking along the following lines: Should I ever get elected to office, I plan to introduce legislation that would ban any artist from performing anything by Queen/Freddie Mercury. I have just simply never heard anyone do the songs or the man justice. That includes the Paul Rodgers fronted Queen; not that they are bad. I even enjoyed the Foo Fighter's live takes on "Tie Your Mother Down." However, nobody can match the combination of charisma, energy, power and emotion that Freddie Mercury brought to the stage.

I approve this message.

Of course, this is but one reason why I am likely never to be elected to any office.

Here's a couple of my favorites.

Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever (mp3)
Queen - Under Pressure (mp3)


Alison said...

If you ran on that platform, I might just vote for you. Fear not! You're not alone!