Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Velvet Underground Bootleg (1967) Surfaces

The Velvet Underground: Live at The Gymnasium, NYC

This originated over on The Libertines Forum. Thanks to FuriousWank for this gem.

I'm not into VU bootlegs really, but apparently this is a big deal. It's the ONLY available live stuff from 1967 and has only become available in literally the last two days. Recorded just after the release of The Velvet Underground And Nico and featuring the debut performance of Sister Ray (19 mins long) and the *previously unheard* song I'm Not A Young Man Any More. That's right, A NEW VELVET UNDERGROUND SONG. And it's fucking good too. This version of Sister Ray absolutely shreds and is what the Velvet Underground are all about.



1. I'm Not A Young Man Anymore (previously unheard VU song)
2. Guess I'm Falling In Love
3. I'm Waiting For The Man
4. Run Run Run
5. Sister Ray (debut live performance)

(feel free to pass this link around all you like - i think a lot of people are gonna be excited to hear this)
Now, there may or may not be more boots from '67, and I believe that this is the same live "Guess I'm Falling In Love" that was included on the Peel Slowly and See Box Set. Just enjoy this incredible set.

I'm Not A Young Man Anymore (mp3)