Monday, February 4, 2008

A Great Iron & Wine Primer

photo credit: Stephen Dowling

Some time ago, I came across an Iron & Wine compilation that someone had put together and posted. Despite owning the records I have kept the compilation together because it is a great pre-Sheperd's Dog sampler. Even if you have all the records, the demo version of "Jezebel" is a must have.

A Tired Symphony: The Best of Iron & Wine

  1. Woman King
  2. Free Until They Cut Me Down
  3. Freedom Hangs Like Heaven
  4. Naked As We Came
  5. Lion's Mane
  6. Passing Afternoon
  7. Minor Piano Keys
  8. Her Tea Leaves
  9. Waitin' For A Superman
  10. Love And Some Verses
  11. The Trapeze Swinger
  12. Sunset Soon Forgotten
  13. Jezebel (Demo Version)
  14. Blue Leaves
  15. Such Great Heights
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cooper said...

Cool photo!

Also, I hadn't heard "Blue Leaves" before.

Thanks for posting.