Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pink Floyd - The Wall Demos

Speaking of The Gutter Twins, bassist Scott Ford was kind enough to post a batch of Pink Floyd demos from The Wall sessions. It is incredibly interesting, for me at least, to hear the evolution of songs, both musically and lyrically. It is even more fascinating when they are songs I love and from an album that I consider an absolute masterpiece on so many levels.

I was surprised by something as I listened to this set. I was shocked that "When the Tigers Broke Free," was not included in the demos. I have always assumed that it had once been part of The Wall sessions since it bears a copyright date of 1979 and is featured in the movie, released in 1982. I just assumed that it had not made the final cut of (no pun intended given that the song was included on the 2004 reissue of; the oft-criticized, though unfairly in my opinion) The Final Cut. This is purported to be the 2nd demo, so there is a chance that it was tracked with the first set of demos, but cut by the Waters prior to recording this set.

Comfortably Numb
When the Tigers Broke Free

Download the zip file featuring the entire album over at Scott Ford's little radio show.