Saturday, August 4, 2007

Some Nashville Flavor

There are a couple of young bands straight out of Music City, U.S.A., that's Nashville, TN in case you didn't know, that not only are making some pretty damn good music, but also starting to make some noise outside our fair city.

The Nobility (myspace), formerly Jetpack UK, released their debut album, Mezzanine, a scant week ago. I haven't had an opportunity to listen to the entire record, but based on the songs posted below, you can expect Beatlesque tight layered eclectic pop/rock with infectious melodies; a reigned in Polyphonic Spree if you will. Both songs below are featured on their debut album

The Hotpipes (myspace) have been slaves to the Nashville music scene for a few years now, and with their tight rollicking new self titled album released earlier this year, they are in the early stages of making that jump from really good local band to players on the indie rock music scene.

Buy the albums or individual songs

The Nobility: Direct | The Nobility - The Mezzanine

Hotpipes: Direct | Hotpipes - Hotpipes | eMusic