Friday, August 31, 2007

A Fine Frenzy and a Fine Album

I was browsing my local independent music store, the much revered Grimey's (in case you find yourself in Nashville with a need for some new or used music), the other day and taking note of their top sellers. I saw one I didn't immediately recognize, A Fine Frenzy (MySpace), and decided to take a leap of faith. As it turns out, the record is pretty good. The music is the fine work of a 22 year old self taught pianist, Alison Sodul. There is an atmosphere to the songs despite a minimalist approach. Her debut, "One Cell in the Sea," was released in July and so far, she has received some pretty good pub as well as tour experience, including an opening slot for Rufus Wainwright and a spot on VH1's You Oughta Know Tour. The Tori Amos comparisons are inevitable and all you Feist fans might want to give her a listen as well. One cool thing about the new record, is you are granted access to download five demo versions, all of which sound damn fine, and five videos unavailable anywhere else. Here's a little sample.

Almost Lover
Near to You (demo)

And the Director's Cut of the video for Rangers.

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A Fine Frenzy
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