Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Re-Linking

Since I'm still enjoying the Redneck Riviera, I don't have any new tracks to post, but to keep you three readers out there busy, here's a couple of links to other blogs for your listening pleasure.

The National - The Daytrotter Sessions

Daytrotter has posted four tracks here from The National including live versions of Lucky You and Gospel, an "experimental" version of Slow Show, and finally a cover of Pretty In Pink.

Stereogum's OK Computer Tribute Album

Stereogum has assembled an OK Computer tribute album from their favorite covers of each song. Tracks include John Vanderslice's take on Karma Police, and Cold War Kids performing Electioneering.


christie said...

Daytrotter's remake of Pretty in Pink is so mellow, I LOVE IT!

Yellow Dog said...

Boxer, the new record from The National is amazing. I'll post a few tracks in a day to two.