Monday, July 30, 2007


Tokyo Police Club are neither Japanese nor members of law enforcement. They are, in fact, Canadian. And they are a relatively new and promising young band on the rock scene, having release their first EP, A Lesson In Crime, in 2006. They followed that a year later with another EP, Smith, and a series of singles. They have since signed a deal with Saddle Creek to release their first LP (no date). Mixing the post-punk styling of bands like the Strokes and Pixies with tinges of classic bands like Television on speed.

TPC are on tour now and have secured a coveted Saturday Aug 4 spot on the bill for this year's incarnation of Lollapalooza which seems to have found a permanent home in Chicago as a three day music festival.

Enjoy the following samples and, as always, if you like what you hear, support the artist and buy they records.
Your English is Good (Non-Album Single)
Nature of the Experiment (A Lesson in Crime)
Box (Nature of the Experiment Single B-Side)
Cheer It On (A Lesson in Crime)
Citizens of Tomorrow (Space Ballad) (Cheer It On Singe B-Side)

Tokyo Police Club
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