Saturday, September 1, 2007

Take The Flaming Lips Road Show Home With You

The Flaming Lips have just released their first ever live concert DVD, "U.F.O.s at the Zoo," and this wasn't just any concert. First a little background for those who only know the group from their 1993 inexplicable surprise hit, She Don't Use Jelly. They are the modern day rock equivalent of Parliament Funkadelic, just possibly a little stranger.

The concert was filmed at the Zoo Amphitheater in the Lips hometown of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on September 15, 2006. According to the liner notes, the band had been working on the concept of a U.F.O. light show for some time and hoped to debut it earlier in the summer at the famed Hollywood Bowl, but they had yet to work out the kinks. It became more of a coincidence that this spectacular took place in their hometown. As Wayne Coyne says, "So you see, "U.F.O.s at the Zoo" was not really a creation as much as it was a happening." This was also the Lips first show in Oklahoma City in three years. The theatrics of the band spilled over into the audience as they embraced the absurdity and joined it.

The DVD itself is awesome, but the band was gracious enough to offer free downloads of all the live songs with registration of the disc as well as the opportunity to create your own ringtones (though you are charged a fee from URTone), and remix The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song. You also get buddy icons, wallpapers, and the included liner notes booklet in PDF for free.

Sample the tracks below and run to your nearest outlet or your computer and buy the DVD.

Race for the Prize
My Cosmic RebellionWayne Coyne
Love Yer Brain

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