Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My New Favorite Show & TV On The Radio

In case you missed it, MSNBC premiered The Rachel Maddow Show this past Monday (9 p.m. ET weekdays). I can think of no one that I would rather have a show. She is tough, intelligent, witty, and best of all, unashamed to be a liberal. Wonky and wonderful. The thing I absolutely love about Rachel is that she will stand up to anyone, and she has the intelligence and insight to more than hold her own.

I have been a fan since the inception of Air America Radio when she co-hosted Unfiltered along with comedian Liz Winstead, and Public Enemy's Chuck D. Every Friday, they would devote some time to the discussion of music. They would choose songs to play and discuss or host musicians and bands. Their show was my first introduction to TV On The Radio. I was familiar with the band only by name. Fast-forward to today. I am counting down the days until the latest TV On The Radio record, Dear Science, drops on September 23. TVOTR has been at the forefront of indie music since they burst onto the scene earlier this decade. They defy boundaries mixing elements of jazz, a cappella, and fuzz rock to name just a few. Most impressively, the are able to replicate their sounds live. Below are two tracks; the first, "Wolf Like Me," is one of the standout tracks from the bands second album, Return to Cookie Mountain and the second, "DLZ," is one my favorites from the upcoming album.

Wolf Like Me (mp3)

DLZ (mp3)

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gaston monescu said...

woah, this songs rocks too
the new album is looking good