Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Breeders Triumphant Return

The Breeders released two terrific albums and a womnderful EP in the early 90's. What had started as a side project between Kim Deal and Throwing Muses' Tanya Donelly, soon became a critically acclaimed and commercially successful sister act between twins Kim & Kelley Deal. It was disappointing then that we would go almost 10 years before a new album would surface, one that was much more reminiscent of the group's raw 1990 debut Pod, than it's more polished sibling, Last Splash. Fans alike should be grateful that we have only had to wait a mere six years for the latest offering, Mountain Battles (slated for release on April 8). The overall feel of the album is still on the raw coarser side. Still, perhaps it could just as well be described as an unrefined and unpolished reflection of Last Splash. A new track from the album, "Bang On" has been pulsating around the blogosphere for a few weeks now, but the album's opener "Overglazed" is a soaring and spectacular welcome back. Far be it from me to shut the door on the past and future.

Hellbound (1990)
Safari (1991)
Bang On (2008)
It's The Love (2008)

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Mark said...

cheers for this. I'm seeing The Breeders at Latitude Fest in UK. Great to catch up on some of their (occasional) output.