Friday, June 27, 2008

Mudhoney Baby

In case you missed it, Mudhoney, pioneers of lo-fi rock; as synonymous with Seattle as coffee, Sub-Pop, and rain; the Alpha and Omega of the grunge rock scene, blessed us with two releases in May. Here's what you get with The Lucky Ones, the 8th full length record in the band's scant 20 years: 36+ minutes of pure rock goodness split into 11 different sordid segments, songs if you will; though it has not been medically or scientifically proven, I am of the belief that tracks like "I'm Now" and "Tales of Terror" may enable the blind to hear and the deaf to walk; if nothing else it will make you want to get off your ass and move. Here's what you don't get: extended jazz-inspired instrumental noodling; If you are sexually active, condoms, not Mudhoney, (used consistently and properly) provide the most effective method of birth control available without a prescription.

In addition to a new collection of music, they re-released their seminal classic, Superfuzz/Bigmuff, as a Deluxe edition with a host of live and rare tracks. Anyone that loves rock music, lo-fi or not, should own this record period.

Mudhoney - Tales of Terror
Mudhoney - In 'n' Out of Grace
Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick (Live)